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Newton, MA residents in need of eyeglasses, contact lenses, or an optometrist are invited to visit Focal Point Opticians Inc. We have a great reputation in the Newton, MA area and are happy to provide you with optometry services or eyeglasses and contact lenses right here in our Newton, MA eye care center. We do repairs of eyeglasses, too, with soldering offered on-site.


Whether you have a regular optometrist but need someone in the Newton area for an urgent situation, are new to the area and are in need of local optometry services, or you have questions about options for eyeglasses and contact lenses or designer prescription sunglasses, we would be pleased to help.


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Do you need your eyes checked? Eye health should never be procrastinated.


Whether you are ready for an upgraded prescription or you don’t wear glasses but have been noticing a change in your vision, Focal Point Opticians Inc. have four eye doctors and two locations. We can see you in our Newton, MA eye care center to examine your eyes and / or show you a wide selection of great eyewear. Most eyewear prescriptions can be filled in about an hour,  and we have a great selection of glasses and contact lenses for adults as well as a large selection of children's glasses and swimming goggles.


We care about your eye care! Visit Focal Point Opticians Inc. in our Newton, MA location today. We also have charity box drop-off for your old glasses.

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